We're definitely a consumer-centric company, so what excited me most was to hear from the consumers themselves, and to get that endorsement at the end of the day, from the 40,000 from the survey, is just absolutely fantastic.

Trevor Grogan
Brand Manager, Takis, Barcel USA

What makes this award so special is the fact that it's not some panel of experts, some industry group...this is about real consumers who are voting for this product, and that's what makes it really special, and we need to talk about that.

Craig Stevenson
CEO, Dr. Scholl’s

“We made a big bet on this Origins line for Lean Cuisine. We knew it was a concept that tested really strongly, we knew consumers liked it, but getting out in the world and hearing how people reacted to it - that's great, especially with the validation from the Product of the Year Award.“

Tim Wallenhorst
Brand Manager, Lean Cuisine

“I think the 40,000 people is the thing that stands out the most for us. I think we see it anecdotally that word of mouth is becoming more and more important; while I'd love to get the seal of approval from a bunch of scientists that my product works - I know it works, and it's great to have consumers tell me that it's something they really love.“

Devin Angle
Brand Manager, Henkel

“Winning the votes and confidence of 40,000 consumers in the survey is just such an amazing honor.“

Kristen Mandel
Senior Marketing Director, Ferrara Candy Company

“Getting that validation from 40,000 consumers who voted for us has been an amazing testament to our hard work.“

Johannah Rogers
Senior Brand Manager, Smirnoff

“We are expanding and for us this is a really big win. We want to use this to talk to consumers and tell them that this is a great product and you should really try it.“

Eniko Olah
Senior Brand Manager, Kleenex

“You will see it on Energizer Eco Advanced in every touch point in the US. In every package with all of our retailer partners, on our website and digital. You won't be able to see Energizer Eco Advanced without the Product of the Year logo.“

Michelle Atkinson
Chief Strategy Officer, Energizer

“Product of the Year creates more of an engine to drive the product off the shelf for us”

Ron Boger
President, IdeaVillage Products Corp

“Because it's chosen by consumers, and we brought (back) M&M's Crispy because consumers wanted us to, it really seemed like a perfect fit.“

Jamie Baulier
Innovation Brand Manager, Mars Chocolate

“By giving shoppers the confidence to try a product for the first time, the Product of the Year stamp makes their life easier and helps both brands and retailers.”

Colin Watts
Chief Innovation Office, Walgreens

“The cool thing about this whole award is that it's all about consumers. 40,000 choosing this as product of the year.“

Mike Schultz
Sr. VP of Research & Development, Turtle Wax

“It’s very authentic, so it’s not talking heads in other rooms judging the products, it’s the people that matter … the consumers”

Rich Simonson
COO, Carma Labs, Inc.

“In an environment where ratings and reviews are so important, I think getting this credential by 40,000 consumers is huge for the Brand.”

Su Vittal
Brand Manager, Tide, Procter & Gamble